About GibbsCAM 13 Student Edition, v13.0.20.0

GibbsCAM is a state-of-the-art, PC-based computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) system for programming computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools. The graphical user interface GibbsCAM uses was designed for machinists by machinists, resulting in a user environment that is both intuitive and efficient.

Cost: US$100.00 (plus tax where applicable)

Facts about GibbsCAM Student Edition:

  • This software is sold with a single configuration, and no other options are available.
  • This software is secured by a timed product code with a limited term-of-use. The software will cease to function 12 months after the first activation.
  • All orders from the Gibbs Student Store are delivered as internet downloads. Gibbs does not supply physical media for these downloads.
  • GibbsCAM Student Edition is not compatible with standard or "Industrial" installations of GibbsCAM.
  • GibbsCAM Student Edition can transfer data only to other student or classroom editions of GibbsCAM.
  • GibbsCAM Student Edition cannot post or generate G-Code files. Posting is performed with the assistance of a classroom instructor.
  • The classroom instructor will handle all technical support issues.
  • The classroom instructor will provide additional materials such as software documentation and sample parts.
  • Student and Classroom Editions use the following file extensions:
    • *.evnc: part piles.
    • *.eprc: process files.